"No hay placer más complejo que el pensamiento"

[y a él nos entregamos diariamente].

Tiemblo y vibro por miedo, entusiasmo y amor a la vida; al conocimiento que me llena día con día hasta la última vena que recorre mi cuerpo: de los folículos de mi cabello a las uñas de los pies. A veces grito con arrebato y frenesí. Diariamente me muevo, me mudo, muto. Despierto con locura por un día nuevo ofrecido por los dioses de ayer y de hoy. No los venero pero les agradezco cotidianamente el darme la vida, el darme el espacio, el darme el tiempo. Lugares, foros y momentos de los cuales yo soy dueño hoy, o pretendo serlo. Me inmiscuyo en la particularidad que nos deviene la grandeza del universo. Bailo y gozo al cuestionar, al cuestionarme. Pienso, me canso; entonces me entrego a los placeres de la vida, descanso y me regodeo. Entonces vuelo al infinito y regreso; entonces siento la inmensidad que atrae dicho particularismo y vuelvo a temblar, vuelvo a vibrar de miedo, entusiasmo y amor a la vida.


María José said...

rather hedonist mdear... ever read about aesticism or however it's spelled?
life is a drug... ups and downs yet we all crave it.
I guess all of us are thinking all the time why is it that when you think so much you usually end up high on life while I end up doped and plastered? I know this isn't the case all the time or anything but I find it truly amazing that you are able to enjoy the very same things that can make other suffer (and vice-versa, I find it intriguing) I'm kind of embarassed to post this on your blog now but what the hell...
Anyway the thing is, just like my last comment (or my next one depending on the order you read em) all this energy and drive is useless (pardon the redundancy) unless it's put to some use, some goal... something.
this is where I guess one would normally trash me for always contaminating and bursting dreams. That isn't my intention, though, but rather channel that drive, energy, stamina or whatever into something plausible and lasting. Make it have a purpose other than itself... know what I mean?
aaaaaanyway I'll shut up now cause I think I'm not saying anything worthwhile. I just hope that energy doesn't go to waste (knowing you, it won't jaja)