Un buen año

Me puse a recopilar lo que hice a lo largo de este año...

1: AB doesn't mind growing old, he's just not used to it
11: ready to be back!
- has sore hands from playing music all day long!
12: disemployed, drunk, high, looking for 5 babes, 1 dude & smoking sheesha w Atenas!
13: is in a wild world!
14: is enjoying time slowly!
20: watching Obama
- is actually listening the roar going on!
the world it watching indeed!
wisdom, courage, compassion...
loves Aretha Franklin!!!!
someone's got either poor short term memory or is quite nervous!
is also in search of a new life
a new era of responsibility
carries the gift of freedom within
our faith does not shrink
welcome to the "new era of responsibility"!
is also in search of a new life!
is seeing Bush leave on his chopper! Bye bye!
is seeking a new way forward...
21: achieved to throw his back out for the 3rd time in the year! & is in a looooot of pain!
22: wants to pursue his destiny without pain...
23: is the king of the world! (& will abdicate soon)
24: is free!
26: is the 73,014th one to petition Obama to Fix U.S. Drug Policy!
27: is ready, are you?
29: is in Oligopolilandia!

1: is enthusiastic to be on the road again!
2: is baking chocolate cakes (no, not magic ones!)
is eating chocolate cakes (no, not magic ones!)
3: is plotting!
5: is in DF for two days!
6: is partying w jr in DF! (el imperial)
is surviving his 1st peda in 4 months & eating corn pops to do so!
AB's illusion fled from all his ecstasy
8: is in a hookers' house!
- is in a reality show!
10: is back in the righteous place.
12: is all over the righteous place! Alas!
14: is watching entertained..
thinks Bill Clinton looks like a grandpa
15: is back in my grade 10's mall (it seems)
16: is on his way back to Mexico!
is stoked by his new work tool.
18: is looking for a flip4mac serial, anyone?
20: did it all for the love and laughter.
21: is in a magic place in the forest enjoying silence!
22: has kept quiet for 24h & is pondering his first set of words..
wishes as long there's space and living beings to be patient!
25: looooves his new office!
26: is putting posters up in the blank walls...
27: is getting ready for the most hectic week he's had in 5 months...
28: is, believe it or not, cleaning his apprmnt!
is the proud owner of a spotless apprmnt!

1: is as raw as they come...
2: is in a drug traffic and crime meeting!
3: is @ a security meeting with OAS and OSI!
4: loves to hear of HR initiatives in Brazil!
5: is surviving his 1st office peda of the year! brrrr
6: is reading tons of economy! (citigroup cotiza hoy a .99c dolar!)
7: cannot believe this new world is possible!
is dancing to sean paul & getting ready for a customs party! (costumes :P)
is only on his 3rd bottle before leaving!
8: did it all & didn't ask permission...
10: just realized cappuccinos @ his office are the best thing ever!
11: is hurraying! We already have 2,800 signatures!
13: is ready to sleep the whole weekend!
16: just discovered Itunes U and is amazed!
17: is trying his best to organise his life for the 4 next months!
18: is so very bothered by young groups as of right now!
23: is a very happy man!
24: has a new keyboard at his office & will no longer have sore fingers!
26: RIP Kande Matzaku
27: is facebooking the day away (dont wanna work today!!)
28: um sol brilhante, uma risada distante..
30: feels like his office is a sauna! gosh its getting hot in here! (so what?)
31: is getting ready for a red carpet tonight!
is red carpeting @ the auditorio!

1: when you look at me do you see someone with a future?
2: found his old music box from 2004! Cite!
4: is melting off!
6: is reviewing abstracts...
is learning to tweet
8: is ready for his long weekend!
is having a mango margarita!
9: just spotted 2 mini tornados (awweee)
10: is swimming and suntanning :)
12: is on his Stanford's East Asia lecture on world geopolitics!
13: nel dolce encanto del mattino
16: Obama shall be arriving to DF right now :P
is on his way to Thailand!
17: is hangover in Amsterdam (good flight!)
18: is drunk (again) in Bangkok (for the 1st time)!
is realising he was stopped & felt by the Bangkok police last night :S
19: is ready to march tomorrow in Bangkok!
20: is power napping!
is digging having a day of meetings after a night of actual sleep!
reporting directly on: ohlamexico.blogspot.com
22: is ready to celebrate & dance... we love Thailand!
lost the last piece of his innocence tonight..
23: packing...
25: is in paradise!
27: is back in Bangkok & so burned its kinda ridiculous!
28: went to the most amazing movie theatre ever and stood for his majesty the king of Thailand!
apparently flies from crisis state to crisis state!
30: happy w a new narcotics law and back in the office!
is packing yet again!

1: is exercising early in the mo (positive side on jet lags)
is drinking his hot, fresh made mate (yummmmm)
2: is not being an extra in the Mexican sci-fi no more! (Au revoir DF / I'll be back!)
3: 's blog just underwent an extreme makeover (ohlamexico.blogspot.com)
4: suntanning and working by the pool :)
kinda wishes he was in school not to go another week (but he is not and shall still work regardless) :S
finds it hilarious that blockbuster doubled his rents in Mexico this week -I def contributed!
5: a sigh is just a sigh!
is plotting a disappearance!
6: "A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes, but to get into accord with them, for they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world"
7: Instant gratification is not fast enough
is smoking up under the new maxican narcotics law for the first time!
9: tranquilaaaamente...
is melting off '33celsius!
took off to outer space...
11: is back to reality (and happy about it!)
12: It ain't the heat; it's the humility.
13: check out new website! (www.espolea.org)
16: is reeeeeefreshed!
17: is afraid of the epimedialogic (sic) emergency!
19: has such a cotorreo!
22: just felt the strongest earthquake of his life!
is ready to chill for the weekend!
25: is excited for a productive week...
is looking for a hard headed woman...
27: ¡ɹǝʌo ʇı dıןɟ ןןǝʍ sɐ ʇɥƃıɯ ǝʍ 'pǝ***ɟ ǝq oʇ sı pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ɟı
28: ¡ ǝɹǝɥ ɯoɹɟ sǝıʇuɐd ɹnoʎ ǝǝs uɐɔ ı

1: was just prescribed two days in bed... Min15 & already bored! Ideas?
3: thought he was ready to go out but was sent right back in...
is off to the hospital again...
The f'ing virus might have won the last battle but I am winning the war! grgrgrgr -- Get ready virus...
4: everyday is a battle, today I won mine (take that virus!!). Still couple of days to go for claiming victory!
5: Another battle-day won! (I also had my first class after a year out of school... cite!)
8: is a victorious standing soldier (I am back baby) !!
10: is conferencing again!
12: This week Convergencia proposed to use 15% of seized money related to drug trafficking for drug prevention. I say: Use it for Harm Reduction
13: Workshoping all day today...
14: is hanging out with the family this Sunday
16: is sick again... I guess I need vacations soon...
18: Really needs to sleep and vacation!
22: is out of business for a while...
27: I had such a good sleep last night! Ahhhhh!
29: I have a new critical route & am ready to take it...
30: I feel like I am finally back in track! Bring it on world!

2: is re-furnishing his full office (it now rocks!) --open house tonight :D
's new office (which now rocks) is a mix between contemporary & an art installation! (did I mention it rocks?)
3: is sitting at his new office (which rocks) and is realizing how tired he is!
finished partying 5 nights in a row and is ready to sleep in for 2 full days!
4: we are the showroom dummies...
5: is fresh and ready to vote!
what a beautiful day~ out sun tanning :D
6: is ready to rumble a next round!
7: Watching MJ's memorial live at CNN :(
In the promise of another tomorrow...
We too can make a change!
9: Is ready for a great workshop tomorrow :)
10: Discussing youth and decent work / ready for an amazing workshop tonight!
is off for the weekend -alas!
13: is ready for show time- the show must go on!
14: was just prescribed a hardcore diet, tons of relaxing and lots of therapy... I am willing to try!
15: had a terrible day of medical analysis but a productive work day :)
16: My welfare is related to your welfare, my suffering to your suffering.
18: Off to a new start !
If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change!
woke up this morning feeling alright. I've been fightin' for tomorrow all my life!
20: had a cool working day followed from a chilling afternoon -just as prescribed!
21: Do you think God gets stoned? I think so. Look at the platypus.
25: Relaxing weekend before uber stressful week!! (3 weeks and counting without alcohol)
26: recorre ciudades, se enfrenta a sus rivales, conoce sus defectos y tambien sus cualidades, ante las dificultades siempre se esfuerza y se crece, si se desvanece y perece se lo merece.
27: is broadcasting live a chat on Chile's democracy: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cachao
28: One man can make a difference and every man should try.
31: is really trying to keep up with his to do list today !
filled his fridge and is now ready for revamping his entire ipod content -recommendations r welcomed!

1: believes somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.
2: is on his way to Peru...
is on his way to Peru and then off to Argentina!
3: says: good morning Peru!
now says: good afternoon Buenos Aires :D
is off to bed!
4: is ready to tackle the writing of a ton of papers!
tackled a lot of papers, met up with old friends and had a great lunch! I do have a messed up accent tho :D
gets lost more often that he would like to...
8: hates conference endings even if that means resting and sleeping at last...
finished partying for the week and chilled at San Telmo all afternoon!
9: is in peru very hangover and hungry, stealing a wifi :D
is ready to sleep for an eternity!
11: is a rock star today!
13: misses the late nightlife in BA- I only work in DF at 3am! no partying :(
is dancing samba!
might b going around the world tonight but am dancing Greek now :D
14: is heading out to the theatre (kind of tipsy)-
didnt make it to the theatre & is with his support group instead!
17: is not in the greatest mood today...
18: has an inbox filled with great news all over the place today!
21: is playing around with politicians from PRI and PRD and game theory!
had enough negotiation for the day and is heading to bed :)
22: just recovered his phone from death! Welcome back phone~
23: slept a lot and feels alive again!
had enough marxist discussions and wine for one Sunday... Off to bed again!
24: is actually preparing his 1st vacation of the year!
25: is listening the former German foreign affair vice-minister speak about global economics-
is charging up at the top of the pyramid of the sun!
26: just recovered faith on the region's future!
27: needs more quality desk-time and less public events...
28: had enough quality desk time and is now partying~
29: is getting ready for a big fat Indian celebration!
30: is fooling with a conga in preparation for today's party-
31: is partied out and is looking forward to a chill week

1: is watching the positioning session of the new Mexican Congress house and is about to puke!
3: wants to advocate for faster uploading networks!
No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.
4: is thinking he should leave twitter aside and go to bed-
is off to bed- workshoping all day tomorrow!
5: is done workshopping and speaking about HIV and drugs with lil girls and is of to drink - go alcohol harm reduction!
6: had a great workshop weekend and is having a beer with some budds-
7: está dándose un taquito de ojo
8: went to a fabulous concert tonight-
9: is following the plane hijack in Mexico's airport through Twitter~
10: is seating at a China-Mexico economic negotiation
11: is ready to sleep for a week! Yupeee- vacation!
12: is volcano climbing tonight!
13: is starving in the forest! cannot wait until food is ready!
14: Worry retards reaction and makes clear-cut decisions impossible.
15: is fixing his phone before tonight's peda!
18: is realizing he might have to cut on the partying and start sleeping more...
20: slept all weekend and is ready for an intense harm reduction session tomorrow!
21: is happy knowing that his idea of where the regional debate of harm reduction is heading is quite accurate!
22: is prepared for a full day of strategic thinking for the FES youth prog!
23: is another day of strategic planning in order? yes sir!
is plotting
28: just arrived to Zacatecas and is on his way to see Al Gore now
Women decide, society respects, the state guarantees, and the church does not meddle
29: is pondering about climate change
30: hasn't slept in days but is happily heading towards a disemployment fund forum
is back to DF but is pondering if to pack again or chill instead

1: just had the most amazing chat about ethics with great people
3: is chilling. enough is enough.
4: is writing articles away. three due tomorrow.
5: is learning about his health rights and retirement funds
7: has had a great but exhaustive half week. bring on the second half!
11: Just woke up from a two day and a half sleep. Nice.
is off to bed again. sweet.
13: is as exhausted as he can be. just another bit, just another bit.
15: is watching the alliance of youth movements sessions.
has an ear that hurts.
17: has just had the most fucked up health this year. one more ear infection, great.
will keep on walking.
19: is pondering the role of youths in political progressivism.
20: is all dressed up for the big 64 tonight!
21: Had an amazing day, a great night discussing the future of the social state & a phenomenal party out with wonderful people!
is off for coffee and then jumping into bed for as long as possible.
is sleeping like a baby!
22: is up and smiling.
23: is reporting.
24: is budgeting his personal finances.
25: had a great night and is loving the chill morning.
is reading a lot today.
26: The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be to make baskets, or broadswords, or canals, or statues, or songs. Have a good day everyone!
27: is finishing up reports for the year.
sees a splendorous near future.
30: is done for the year so is now changing agendas.
se va a dar un Baño de pueblo hoy noche.
31: is on his way to Paris.
says, scratch that, on my way to Germany now. Last minute change of plans.

1: is in Geneva drinking beer with Marco N.
2: found his way to the WHO this morning (WHAT? WHERE?)
3: An election is a bet on the future, not a popularity test of the past.
Playing "i have never" with a very diverse group of people from the south. Amazing.
4: is tired yet negotiating a good flight seat.
is home after a 10hr sleep and on to another 10hrs now :)
5: Good morning Mexico!
6: is at a political communication workshop
7: is on his way to New York City
is @ New York (and just got ripped off by a cab - saw it coming!)
8: had a great day with Allen Kwabena Frimpong and just came out of the first UN meeting of the week. Great agreements already!
9: discussed today at the UN offices the biannual budget at the 5th committee & pondered on the economic and social reforms needed. pff!
10: is walking towards the security council report for a peacekeeping chat
was just evacuated from the security council report room because they found white powder at the british representation two floors down.
11: is getting ready for tonight's match of NY knicks vs atlanta hawks at madison square garden!
12: knicks lost but i still joined the german carnival. ha!
is at the UN again.. Gonna discuss NGO participation at ECOSOC.
is packing. heading south tomorrow morning.
13: is on his way to new mexico for the weekend.
is reading his e-mails 28,000 feet above the ground. Wow.
14: has been meeting amazing people in Albuquerque, New Mexico
is off to a cocktail party at Santa Fe, New Mexico
15: just underwent a snow storm in the middle of the desert at a huge mansion and is very impressed.
is on his way to NYC
buenas noches mexico!!
17: might just throw it all out the window!
had a great first day at his desk after weeks. loved it.
18: has somewhere to sleep this friday thanks to Allen Kwabena Frimpong. Thank you!!!
is ready. bring it on world.
20: is on his way to Lima, Peru for the weekend!
Good night Lima!
21: loves seeing old faces accompanied with new speeches @ Foro Peru.
feels a little nauseous and plans to strengthen tomorrow's speech in consequence (in the meantime off to dinner with the UN crowd)
22: assured that UNODC knows how to party and salsa (with pisco sour)
23: Educacion, para la prevencion. Queremos que se cumpla la Declaracion!
24: had quite a morning: kicked out of flight, cancelled of another, stopped by the police under assumption of drug trafficking, lost a flight and is now back at the start with compensation vouchers. ha.
25: is beyond exhaustion after 4 weeks of non stop working and will now sleep until next Monday. abur!
29: is back, baby.

1: there is no universal access to treatment without universal access to testing.
3: no mamart y esta cabron, pero que chulo amaneci.
9: Cuando los que mandan pierden la verguenza, los que obedecen pierden el respeto.
Y cuando los que mandan pierden el respeto, los que obedecen pierden la vergüenza...
10: un grupo en facebook que pretende echar pa atrás la union civil gay. ya puse mi quejota pa que cierren el grupo, y tú? http://bit.ly/8eIlUh
11: está cruditou en su curritou.
13: sees the lifting of US funding needle exchange programs as change one can believe in
18: is on his way to the beach. yupee!
21: Songo le dio a borondongo, Borondongo le dio a Bernabé, Bernabé le pegó a fuchilanga le hechó a burundanga, le hinchan los pies.
23: Is close to northwestern destination and cold weather is nowhere to be found. Good.
24: is freezing his bum besides a xmas tree.
25: is looking for a new hobby...
27: is on his way back to the city.
28: invented Toronja Colada™ last night and is suffering the consequences this morning.
29: is exhausted after yesterday's modeling session. tough life.
30: Funny how the new things are the old things.
is chilling at the beach to finish the year properly!
31: Finishing up the chapter. Cite for the new one: bring it on 2010!

1: AB is admiting he is a very happy man! Thanks world for an amazing life!